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Ready for a splash in global real estate?

Our Apostille Services continue to be your steadfast ally. Join us as we wrap up our series, offering actionable insights to empower your real estate venture with the perfect Power of Attorney. Your dream property awaits!


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International Real Estate Power of Attorney

1.      Seek guidance from legal experts in international real estate to understand the specific requirements for a Power of Attorney in your chosen jurisdiction.

2.      Clearly outline the granted powers, specifying whether for buying, selling, managing, or handling legal matters related to your foreign real estate.

3.      Choose a reliable representative with expertise in real estate matters to faithfully represent your interests in the foreign jurisdiction.

4.      Draft the Power of Attorney, ensuring compliance with both home country and foreign jurisdiction legal standards, and include detailed specifics.

5.      Ensure the document is written in both your origin language and the official language of the foreign country for clarity and recognition in both jurisdictions.

6.      Notarize the Power of Attorney in your home country, and if required, authenticate it by obtaining an apostille.

Follow these simple steps, and you'll be able to easily handle the ins and outs of buying property internationally with a well-prepared Power of Attorney.

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